Cat in the Window

Bella’s sitting in the window
sun sparking from her fur
like fiery diamonds,
motor running at fast idle,
eyes peering past where I  can see,
She might be contemplating her name,
Certainly she’s living up to it,
Whatever her thoughts,
they do not make her anxious
but lend a studious look
or is that boredom?

(I was outside talking to her through the window and she pressed her nose against the pane, giving her a pig snout look. I couldn’t resist snapping her picture)


2 thoughts on “Cat in the Window

  1. Lovely. Cats give us so much to write about. And as far as photos, I have taken more of my cats than ever of any humans!

    This seems more like a veiled painting. Bella, Bella…I’m sure she knows she is!

  2. thanks, I was surprised by the effect of the screen. I think because the sun was so bright it had that effect. I have tilt in windows and the screens are on the outside. Would have liked to taken more pictures to experiment with but she doesn’t sit still that long. : )

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