Visiting a Friend in the Hospital

Back and forth, here and there,
the clock is ticking, the pendulum
is swinging, Wax stars are struggling
to sparkle through the fog
of hurrying.

It is not sophisticated
to lock your keys in the car,
then wait an already spoke for hour
for Triple A, only to find
your membership has expired.

I am driving under the influence
of forget, travelling through an alien cosmos
of parkways and interstates,
one way streets and wrong turns,
finally arrival…Mercy General.

I’m relieved
to see she’s breathing on her own;
I’m relieved to see the defibrillator
in the corner of her room.
I think I may need it.

2 thoughts on “Visiting a Friend in the Hospital

  1. It is all true, but it is also an attempt to
    view the trials and tribulations of every day
    life with a glint of humor.

    I really did lock my keys in the car.
    My triple A was expired. I waited forever.
    It took them 30 seconds to open the car
    door when they got there and it cost
    eighty-four dollars to renew my Triple A.
    A lesson learned!

    : )

    I appreciate your support of my work!!

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