Echoes of Ripples and Waves

The wind did not sleep last night,
It blew the sun from the sky by five.
There’s something about moonlight
on snow that makes me remember
the sound of your song.
Shirts without collars were never your thing,
Concerts and fire escapes, fingers that bleed
ink for the cause,
Sometimes a tempest,
sometimes a breeze, you gathered no moss.
Silk thread and twine — Brother of Mariah,
Every star is a distant sun.
No secrets, no symbols, no dark corners,
the sky is an endless sea.
Funny the things that run through the mind
when night is rippled with wind.

4 thoughts on “Echoes of Ripples and Waves

  1. Rich Roach

    …and what a night it was for poetry,
    as the face of the sky becomes a symbol
    of freedom, of pure light, of an endlessness
    that is perfectly matched in the memories
    shared in this exquisite poem.


  2. My goodness, what a nice surprise.
    Thank you, Rich, for visiting, and for
    your support of my dreams!

    You know it would be so nice to feature
    your work on Wordflair Featured Poets….
    (hint, hint) : )

  3. I would love that. Let me know what
    I need to know. 🙂

    I will always support the dreams of
    an Atlas such as you – to bear the
    weight of the world is the poet’s plight,
    and yet it is as light a burden as
    a dandelion seed in the wind,
    when supported by the love and
    support of friends.

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