Time Marches

Mid March,
summer warm, then snow,
There is something in the air.

Poems, pollen, ultimatum,
the garden waiting,
its emptiness a demand.

The heady scents of herbs,
their need for room to flower;
when planting seed

one must keep in mind
the dreams of tarragon and thyme.
In the changing light

the clock works its wonders.
I embrace it
with a sigh.

5 thoughts on “Time Marches

  1. F. G. M.

    Another mastepiece of yours! Here is a litteral translation in French.

    Mi mars
    chaleur d’été, puis la neige
    Il y a quelque chose dans l’air.

    Des poèmes, du pollen, un ultimatum
    le jardin qui attend,
    sa vacuité, une exigence.

    Les parfums entêtants des herbes,
    leur besoin d’espace pour fleurir,
    quand on plante des graines

    on doit garder l’esprit
    les rêves de l’estragon et du thym.
    Dans la lumière changeante

    l’horloge fait ses merveilles.
    Je l’embrasse
    d’un soupir.


    “Time Marches” reminded me of a famous poem by Théophile Gautier, “Premier sourir du Printemps”


    translation in English at


    Merci Sarah, pour ce premier sourir du Printemps 🙂

    1. “That first smile of Spring” You have a poem in that line, Dear Frédéric. Thank you for this wonderful translation. I will move this poem and your translation to the front page for my next post (the 29th). You are so very much appreciated. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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