Time and Temperature

Not long ago
  snow was on the ground;
war in Afghanistan,
Syria was seething,
Egypt was waiting for elections,
Iran was a powder keg.
Troops moved, weary
   of the repetition
but dedicated
   to the task at hand.

Here at home
   we shoveled snow
and complained
    about how time flies
and how fast the temperature
was dropping.
Spring came, flowers bloomed,
streams thawed and gurgled
their delight.
It was April and it rained.
Time and temperature had changed.

Most all else
   remained the same
and now it’s June –
Time flies – doesn’t it?
The temperature is rising
              tempers too.
The war in Afghanistan
   is winding down.
Did anybody win?

Egypt’s elections are broken,
Syria has exploded,
Iran is a powder keg.
The troops are moving.
Not much has changed.
It’s like a never ending rhyme.
Is it any wonder
   that we speak of temperature
and time?

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