a sudden gust of wind  …..  now to Thetis spake Calliope, she in whose heart was steadfast wisdom …
             writhing, bursting, in the heat, and dropped the dark-grey ash all round.” 
                           from The Fall of Troy

Child of ash and wind
she was born knowing
the color of vowels
   the taste of verbs

If she were Queen
she would have knighted them all
not to keep them on their knees
but to keep them singing

Trees need no translation
The sky’s mood
    is never in doubt

Only the seasons
are unpredictable

Green fields will return
Bedouins will find their home
Poets will sing their song

and Calliope
will always be
the child of ash and wind.

4 thoughts on “Calliope

  1. Thanks, Bardess,

    I read a poem long ago that had the lines

    “she knighted them all
    just to keep them on their knees”

    and it popped into my head when I was writing this,
    so I gave it a bit of a different twist and used it, I
    can’t remember the name of the poem.
    I’m glad you liked it!

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