Soul Music

A man on a downtown street,
sunglasses and an empty cup…
it’s warmer there by the grate;
steam rises religiously
as the pious avert their eyes.

The cynic wonders if the glasses
hide blindness or hunger.
One never knows and will not
get a look into those windows
of his soul

but when he lifts the horn
to his lips, notes rise
from deep inside. No sunglasses
can mute the truths
they tell.

6 thoughts on “Soul Music

  1. Francina,

    I so very much appreciate you.

    I must confess the greatest reward/award I could ever
    hope to garner is to have fine poets like yourself
    spend time with my work. That is more than enough
    for me.

    An aside, I can’t figure out how to leave comments on Seasons…

    I just read Circle and while it was the third stanza that really knocked
    my socks off, the whole poem is magnificent piece of art.

  2. Francina

    Thank you , Sarah! And you’re are welcome. Circle is on the front/home page of my blog and there it is no possibility to leave a comment . I have to look into why not , maybe because it’s set up as a page. I just found this reply , I don’t understand why it did not show in my notifications.. well. Thank you for your praising words on my poem. It’s much appreciated by me!

    Ciao, Francina

  3. ‘steam rises religiously
    as the pious avert their eyes.’

    Powerful–Francina said it all; your poetry is some of the best I have come upon. Is it already to share on Facebook? I don’t see any share buttons on your posts and so thought it best to ask.

  4. Bardess,

    I am not a member of Facebook.
    It is a personal thing.

    I’m not sure how the share thing works,
    but if there is something of mine you want
    to share, you certainly may.


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