Penned Legacy now available

Penned Legacy, selected poems from the poets of The Peaceful Pub is now available at:

The following poets are featured in this volume:
Maryse Achong (trinimade)
Deborah Benson (Deed)
Jody Bisanz
Gene Dixon
Kallima Hamilton
Paul T. Hamilton
Wendy Howe
Craig Kirchner
Janet Tanner Leonard (jantanleo)
Jean Marian Lewis
Brian Lowry (meadowglenfarm)
Douglas Munday
Rebecca Jane Munday
Rich Roach
Keith Robson
Kerri Rochelle
Liz Rule
Dinah Serritelli
Doris C. Swearingen
James Vandine (Jared the Poet)
Merv Webster (The Bush Poet)
Michael Williams
Spiros Zafiris
Sarah M. Zang

We hope that your work will be in The Peaceful Pub’s next anthology.

Another note from the world of publishing:

Peaceful Pub  member, Kallima Hamilton has a new chapbook available from Aldrich Press.  It is called Outside the Lava Fields and may be ordered online from among other booksellers.  I have a copy already and it is excellent!

The ISBN is 978 0 615 66130 8

9 thoughts on “Penned Legacy now available

  1. Francina

    Reblogged this on Seasons Poetry and commented:
    I have been visiting Sarah’s blog for almost a year , because I do like her poetry. Based on her poetry I ‘m sure that this anthology of the Peaceful Pub is worth your time . Please visit her blog to find more information on the book Penned Legacy.
    Ciao, Francina

    1. Merv,

      It is great to see you here!
      Thanks for being a part of the Pub’s anthology.
      Your work helps to keep the lights bright at The Peaceful Pub.

      I raise my glass to poetry and to The Bush Poet.


  2. Spiros Zafiiris

    ..bravo Sarah..!..I’m known for my late
    congratulations–please forgive me..I wish I had your energy
    ..your poetry and everything you endeavor is mightily
    impressive..again, bravo..!

    ..Spiros Zafiris

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