Nightfall in an Autumn Field

Seed pods hold the promise
of next year’s crop.
The roots, long reconciled to seasons,
stand steadfast with no thought
of leaving.

The old maple has just begun to turn.
No sprout of Judas tree
these branches that have held the swing
for generations; ropes wear out
but not these sturdy limbs.

Clematis wicks the air with sweet perfume
until Jack’s nip turns to lethal bite.
The coleus shivers to a deep maroon –
earth-tones are the fashion now
it seems.

The sun puts in a shorter day.
Twilight, accompanied by cicadas trill,
spills across the field pulling a curtain
of silence behind it, night claims dominion;
all is still.



7 thoughts on “Nightfall in an Autumn Field

  1. Francina

    Beautifully written poem, Sarah. The third verse holds remarkable lines.
    It’s is good to see you back on your blog again 🙂
    Ciao, Francina

  2. I just wanted to breathe this poem in, and exhale all its delights! (My coleus that had grown enormous this year just met a sad fate with a deep freeze a few nights back … so sorry to see them go, but just didn’t have anywhere to put them to protect them. They are a memory now.)

  3. Bardess,

    I am so sorry about your coleus. They do get branchy and hard to winter.
    The farmers’ markets around here are filled now with plants that have been
    divided and repotted. It’s a great time to buy potted plants if you have a place
    to winter them. I don’t; when it begins to have heavy frost, I put straw all around
    and in the branches of the outdoor plants. They still freeze over winter, but they come back early in spring…often times so early I have to put more straw on them
    in March and they do so well, getting more humongous every year.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on this poem. I have missed ‘hearing
    your voice’.


  4. One of my goals (when I have more time) is to have a small heated greenhouse where I can overwinter plants and start seedlings, etc. I do manage to keep a few in a room that is just ‘warm enough’. That’s a great tip about using straw and I will try it.

    My summer was a little hectic but I am hoping to settle down more to keep up with my favorite bloggers and my own writing and painting. From the first moment I came about your writing I enjoyed it so much, and thought it among the best I have come across. Thank you for all your support and kindness, for all your good work! Diane

  5. as for the greenhouse, my sister did that and loved it.
    She kept us all in plants for years. A great vocation for
    you, considering the excellent drawings and paintings
    you do of flowers and plants. It would be like having an
    endless supply of models right at your elbow.

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