But for the music…

    Only to those
who live behind the shaded,
shuttered windows;

to those
who leave at dawn,
half awake
   for the morning commute,
red-eyed and weary,
lost in thought.

who do not see
the maple on the corner
turned from green to flame,
transformed by autumn
to a splendor only tourists notice.

It might seem to be
a dreary street in a dreary town
but for the piano notes that slip out
through the curtained cottage window
to mingle with the season’s
swirling leaves.

3 thoughts on “But for the music…

  1. Thank you, Bardess,

    Judging by your avatar, I’m thinking you might be a musician
    as well as an accomplished poet and artist. I love your work
    that I have read on your blog and the artwork there. Are you
    a musician too? Is your music available publically?

    You are an amazingly talented person and I so very much
    appreciate your spending time with my work.


  2. Thank you so much, Sara. My grandmother was actually a concert pianist in Chicago in the 1920’s and music has always been an integral part of my life and hopefully always will be. I did have dreams of being a singer and have played the piano, guitar and celtic harp, but didn’t seem to have the nerves for performing for others. Also, with writing always my first love, I decided to concentrate on that and express my love of music and its creation and performance that way when I could. The musical depictions in of A House Near Luccoli were some of my most satisfying to write.

    It is always my pleasure to engage in your work! Diane♥

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