A Gift to Open on a Cold December Night

May this gift warm when winter’s breath blows cold:
The classic knot clasped ’round a single bloom
wears glitter from the night sky’s fiery show.
The sparkling stars conspired to ease all gloom,

then soft the night wind sealed it with a sigh.
A pine bough gave a final tender tap
as moonbeams from heaven’s gate did fly
to burnish gold the simple homespun wrap.

This package small I send to you with love;
it’s bathed in rainbows of a dewdrop’s tear
and borne on velvet palm of morning’s glove
into the gentle hush of dawn’s sweet air.

Beneath this rosebud’s bloom there is no thorn,
These gathered dreams, a gift to keep you warm.


Something Found

   me with keys.
I lose them,
misplace them,
pick up the wrong ones,
find myself at the right door
with the wrong key

and then I found you,
commander of keys,
  and in control,
I hand you the keyring, knowing 
that when we get to the right door,
you will let me in.

A Sense of Autumn Ending

The arbor in October,
grapes bursting purple with flavor,
the scent intoxicating.

More than the summer crop
these last ones of the season
at the very top of the vines

fostered dreams of being taller
and the taste of homemade bread
slathered with butter from our dairy

and mother’s prize winning jam.
Each year the scent sneaks in
to my sensory center,

and harbinger
of winter.


How deep the tones
of carillons,
those wildly ringing bells.

The ocean rolls in to the shore,
the strong survive the swells.
The faithful hear
                   the golden tones
resounding in the mind,

The doubting fear
                the sounding song
and thus turn deaf and blind.

New York, New York

The murky waters claim your shores,
great ships turn topsy-turvy. Tunnels
spill the sea from guts too full.

Lady Liberty stands tall, her beacon
won’t go out. What storm would think
to douse her flame?

New York, New York,
It’s true your back is bent,
make no mistake, it is not broken.

The waters will recede
and generations later, staunch citizens
will remember these dark days

when you were on your knees,
how you gained your footing once again
slowly, bravely

with new muscles strong
from lifting
so much weight.