A Sense of Autumn Ending

The arbor in October,
grapes bursting purple with flavor,
the scent intoxicating.

More than the summer crop
these last ones of the season
at the very top of the vines

fostered dreams of being taller
and the taste of homemade bread
slathered with butter from our dairy

and mother’s prize winning jam.
Each year the scent sneaks in
to my sensory center,

and harbinger
of winter.

4 thoughts on “A Sense of Autumn Ending

    1. Suzy,

      Thank you!
      I have learned after lo these many years,
      that tears serve to make your eyes shiny.
      They are like the rain
      that make the flowers bloom.

      You have been most kind to my efforts
      and I much appreciate the time you have
      given my work.


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