Soliloquy from a Nature Poem

I have no wish to share my history,
Please, do not try to explain me;
labels are limiting.

Actually, (in confidence, of course,)
there is no great revelation.
I am not privy to the mystery
of the sphinx.

There is no surprise I wish to spoil.
Descartes has already done that
and great as the job he did

his ‘newness’
was a confluence.
“Je pense, donc je suis”

That gives credence
even to the ass that knows to bray
for food, water, or a pat on the back;

a hearty slap
that sets the fleas in great migration.
Did they look before they leapt?
But I digress.

I am not a riddle.
More like a rainbow,
spectacular in its natural state

and then some poet
came along elated, and created me
in hope

that just one someone

could see all the colors of the arc,
or the perfect silhouette
of migrating geese backlit by sunset.

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