The Gardener

He trims the tangled vines,
twists them, ties them,
talks quietly to them,
All the while savoring
the promise
of succulent purple fruit
to quench his thirst.

Supple branches
bow to every whim,
Only a thorn protests
his manipulations,
A thick red drop of blood
crowns on his thumb,
He tastes the rich dark wine.

2 thoughts on “The Gardener

  1. Hi, Diane,

    Thank you so much.
    Your support gives my muse energy to keep trying.
    I am honored by your nomination and I thank you,
    but I honestly do not know how to copy the picture
    to my blog. I note that my own images only show
    on occasion; most usually a blank square. Just when
    I think I’ll change the design of the blog, the images
    reappear. Time is such an item, I just haven’t done
    much with this blog. I am literate in html and a bit
    less so in CSS, but the coding on wordpress eludes me
    for the most part. I still can’t get single spacing
    which is a huge frustration.


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