A Varmint Put My Trash Cans All Asunder

Devouring garbage as if fleetest time
would keep tastiest morsels from the slow,
she quickly ripped sharp claws through pulp and rind;
her bandit mask hid all but black eyes glow.

Be glad my heart is kind, you furry beast,
I stand amazed at your concentration
on leavings of my best reduced to least;
your caviar mere parings I have shunned.

We would be wise to give an added thought
to what we cast aside in reckless haste.
No matter who we are or what we ought,
our greatest treasure is another’s waste.

So if nothing more is gained from my plight,
Dear citizens, please tie your garbage tight.

In Our Paper Boats

One by one the minutes tick like grains of dropping sand
in shapely brass and crystal, or sure and steady hands.
And no one can slow the pendulum, 
 no one can speed its swing.
If this is not the night it must be raining.

The dance floor now is empty, The band has packed it in.
Too late to escape the ghosts but it’s almost morning.
She takes his outstretched hand until the night is done,
though no one can slow the pendulum
nor rush the rising sun.

In a flicker of the flame the candle turns to sea.
Waves of spiced vanilla wax those waning memories.
While the moon hangs high in indigo we wait for the day 
dans nos bateaux en papier.  In dreams we navigate the Seine.
Too soon the morning.

A Simple Formula

A =  w  X  h
The area of a rectangle
equals its width times its height.

My universe is as wide as my eyes can see
but twice as high.  It soars over mountains
and reaches upward to the heavens.

It stretches all the way to the oak tree that,
when viewed from a distance, seems to grow
across the road.

At the other side the width of my universe
is bounded by river.  It is a quiet biosphere,
peaceful and unhurried.

No one is hungry, tortured or enslaved.
War has never touched these shores
in my time.

Just for tonight
I will not read the paper.

How to Pack a Moving Truck

Some tasks can be quite hazardous
and thus must be given some thought
but, being young and foolish,
I attempted to pack a moving truck.

The boxes stacked near to the sky
tumbled and tossed as the miles went by
and I just kept restacking them
again and again and again.

I was jostled and tossed around;
the road was bumpy leading up to the town
and the ride was not smooth
which caused me to conclude

The best way to pack a moving truck
especially if it’s moving up hill
by far and away I have to say,
is when it is sitting still.