A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Born out of darkness, into light,
tempted to retrace our steps,
we pursue the melody passionately,
compelled to embody the seasons
and rise
……….. to the tug of the moon.

A limitless universe, we travel ever lost,
stretching to attend the incomprehensible,
starving with a hunger no food
has yet assuaged.

It is all mere talk until we take a step.
The right word no more than sleight of hand
until we’ve stumbled and rose up again
richer for the experience, forging the way
for someone
……….to go farther than we’ve been.

Beneath the Harvest Moon

You gave me lungs
and songs to sing.  September’s  frost
has kissed the pumpkin;  night air
wears a hint of chill.

Soul to soul
we spent the currency of Spring,
Now maples wear their glory’s flame;
too soon the brilliant blaze is done.

I hear the gone sound
of a thousand silver wings;
fireflies, dragon flies,
jet planes,

I watch the sky
with just a tiny twinge,
who could mourn
such a splendid season?