Light Seasoning

In the Spring
when flowers bloomed,
I gave no thought to seasons,
It was Spring,
I had no reason.

Then Summer
wore blazing sun,
days of light and days of fun,
but Summer
spent its passion.

Bless Autumn
with its pied ruse,
tangled vines, and vibrant hues,
O! Autumn,
I would stay with you

But Winter
came and claimed my
hand, lined my face, stole the sun,
O! Winter
cold, what have you done?

2 thoughts on “Light Seasoning

  1. Hi Diane,

    It is spitting snow as I write this. We have had snow every day but I think the elves
    come at night an steal it. The amount on the ground doesn’t seem to increase even though it keeps on snowing.

    I am sipping cocoa and reading poetry. Life is good!!

    Thanks for the visit!!


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