Two Steps Past Autumn


Leaves fell faster this year,
Maple, oak, calendar…
I rake them, mound them,
leaf through them
looking for childhood.

They burn in beautiful bonfires,
Sparks rise heavenward
like so many fireflies.
I travel backwards
to when I still knew how to sing.

Marshmallows toast the season.
Guitars make love
to the air.
Lord, give me this day…
to keep forever.

The fire, suddenly gone shy
beneath a harvest moon,
slips slowly to embers.
I stir the ashes,
awakening old dreams.

8 thoughts on “Two Steps Past Autumn

  1. Truly beautiful. Right now it is snowing here in the Falls and I am thinking warm thoughts of our friendship and the sharing of sweet verse. I am off today because I am under some medication for a small operation tomorrow. Don’t worry. Everything is fine and I will hopefully be fully recovered by Thursday. I love this site…it’s like being in an autumn forest looking at all the wonderful colours.

  2. Dear Rich,

    It is a huge pleasure to see you here!
    I treasure you as a friend and as one of my favorite contemporary poets. (I just stopped by your WordPress Blog…will spend more time there. You inspire me!)

    As for the surgery, my prayers are with you. Please let me know that you are okay…. There is a candle burning for you.

    My thanks for your kind words on my blog…I think it will soon be changing to winter blue. It snowed here last night, but the wind came and whispered sweet nothings and now all the beautiful flakes have followed it into the hollows.



    It is no surprise at all to see you in the company of Einstein!!

    1. Hi, Francina,

      Thank you! I am working on a book. It will have the same title as this poem.
      It will probably not come out until next year because it will soon be time to start
      the anthology and that will put everything else on the back burner until it comes
      out in September 2014.


  3. Bless you,Francina,

    Beyond the Threshold is a a beauty. I am so proud to have it in my collection.

    Doing those anthologies is a joy for me. I am excited about the new one that
    is soon to be birthed!! As for Two Steps Past Autumn, there is plenty of time.
    At this point, I think I’m just one step past autumn, but the second one is creeping
    up fast. : )


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