To Be…

We take the risk of being overwhelmed
to touch one toe into the briny sea.
Illusions, spells, fantasies;
a million shattered blisses that understand
earth holds no resolution for the hungry soul
but treasures its shell in a deep and mossy grave.

One dies many times when drowning answerless,
no ground beneath the feet;
fragments of debris the only proof of existence,
but no dry stone could better signify
our tiny blip on the timeline
of to be.

Neither fog nor smoke —
the clouded mind nor the clever tongue —
can find the truth or hide it
when the wind is at the door
and the tide is rising.  The skyline,
ever changing,  fades like history rewritten.

4 thoughts on “To Be…

  1. Francina,

    I appreciate you so much!

    It means so much to me that you take time with my work,
    and your presence at The Pub makes the lights shine all
    the brighter.

    Thank you a million times over!!


  2. From the opening line … which is wonderful … this is such a powerful piece which humbles and strengthens as, for me, it speaks of our significant insignificance. Splendid writing, Sarah. Blessings. ♥

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