For All Time

But wait!
Why ruin a whole page
when all we know for sure
would fit on a scrap?

The air is heavy
with remorse for what they do.
The pond gropes its way to spring;
the words are half-melted.

Wind enters with a roar,
sweeping across the land
until even the oaks
think the storm was their idea.

Wings are for birds
and the very blest.
Most of us shuffle
restless and unsure

for a clear day
and maybe a glimpse
of forever.

6 thoughts on “For All Time

  1. Well, Angela ‘stole’ my favorite lines … but, of course, there are always more in your beautiful poetry, Sarah … like:
    ‘Wings are for birds
    and the very blest.’
    I feel blest every time I visit your blog and linger on your lovely lovely ‘thoughts’. XO ♥

  2. Diane,

    You are surely an angel!
    Thank you for the lift you always give!
    I am such a fan of your work and deeply appreciate
    every single second you spend with mine.

    Thank you!

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