Long Ago Beaches

As far as the heart can reach,
a blue expanse
white-capped with frivolity;

the sand a touch of golden sun
beneath bare feet.

The same wooden beach chair
where  two had snuggled comfortably –
more than ample space for one

and a lifetime of recall.
The wind remembers old songs.

Waves roll in,
a metronome
keeping perfect time.

The guitar plays softly
in this dream.

A painting or a reverie?
She smiles
through the mist.

6 thoughts on “Long Ago Beaches

  1. F. G. M.

    Wow, I love that poem Sarah… as you know I love beaches, and the Sea… as I tried to express in “the Sound of the Sea”… “a painting or a reverie”… well, maybe just Reality!

    1. Frédéric,

      Your lovely comment gave me the idea to start a beach poem thread. Everyone is invited to reply with their own beach poems, or links to them. I began the thread with a link to your poem. I hope you don’t mind. Let me know if it’s okay and if it is, please feel free to add as many links or poems as you choose.


  2. Thank you!! I am such a fan of your work and of the sea.

    “My soul stands not alone
    at the seashore of Memory.
    Some say it is
    le Paradis”

    I think those are my fav lines from your poem, the Sound of the Sea. They resonate with the spirituality I feel when I am ‘with’ the sea…whether in memory or in reality. As you mention….Reality! Yes!! I don’t get to the shore very much anymore but I grew up on the Atlantic and there is a room in my heart where I can go to the sea at any second.

    Again I thank you for the pleasure of your work and the time you take with mine. .

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