Holding the Hand of Time

June is done and Autumn is on its way.
The maples, newly green, are thinking season’s change,
planning colors with more pizzazz than last year’s.

The pines are drinking dew, knowing that they have
and need their own version of the camel’s hump
to keep them green all year.

Even the Balsams, noted for their preening,
are bowing their heads to time.

Oaks stand tall, holding the homes of sparrows
and squirrels in their limbs. Acorns, for the sake of posterity,
will show their faces later.  Endurance is their destiny.

And we, mankind in all our slants,
keep calendars to bridle the passing of time.

Thinking to keep control
we watch the sky for signs of change
as if we really believe God’s sharing His secrets.

He is, you know. It’s been said
that Nature is a lot like poetry;  with visions for those
who keep the soul’s windows open.

Sky Magic

Not even Christmas and you give gifts.
Last night a lemon moon
……………………………haloed in a sea of indigo
caught in the leafy maple outside the window,

……………….That great round light

…………….strung there like a pendant
………… held dominion over the horizon.

Crown jewel over hill and ocean,
and wrapped up with a sigh, a reverie

to recall when days are cold and lonely
and night’s bereft of moonbeams’ gentle glow.

Moon Wise

Her pillow
pummeled then plumped,
beat to a pulp,
wet with tears
or sweat,

There’s so much to fear
in the dark.  But what is there,
really, to make icicles
inch down her spine and parch her mouth
with mute screams?

One wouldn’t fear the wind.
It croons and keens
and occasionally rages
but it doesn’t come in —
and the trees,

they love its bedouin flirtation.
There are the shadows, but who
would be scared of such dancers?
The limbs dip in time to their own drum,
the curtains swell to reach them.

The stars
don’t instill terror.
They twinkle and spark,
candling the night
with distant flame.

Maybe it’s the moon,
that good-natured round face
caught in a wink, sneaking
magic into her dreams;
filling her heart with wanderlust.

The moon
is a wise old scholar.
His head at a tilt,
he sees all
and knows there’s nothing to fear
but one’s self.

New Book Published – Inside the Smoke

Paul F. Lenzi’s “Inside the Smoke” is now available.

Poesy plus Polemics

I am pleased and excited to announce that my publisher, Stonewood Press LLC, has just released my eighth full-length collection of original poetry.

“Inside the Smoke: A Centurial Collection of Poems”

From the back cover:

    A timeless collection of one hundred original poems that touch upon a variety of subjects. Emotions, experiences, memories and dreams are all treated with the author’s patently thoughtful and provocative style.

    His customary use of the free verse form is especially enjoyable for its rare poetic clarity as well as for his masterful use of language. Lenzi has a special talent for metaphor that makes for memorable turns of phrase.

    Inside the Smoke merits a place in every personal library of contemporary American poetry.

This volume is now available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions. Similarly available are my 7 earlier books,

• City of Pawns
• Range of Motion
• Two-Cornered Rooms

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