Sky Magic

Not even Christmas and you give gifts.
Last night a lemon moon
……………………………haloed in a sea of indigo
caught in the leafy maple outside the window,

……………….That great round light

…………….strung there like a pendant
………… held dominion over the horizon.

Crown jewel over hill and ocean,
and wrapped up with a sigh, a reverie

to recall when days are cold and lonely
and night’s bereft of moonbeams’ gentle glow.

4 thoughts on “Sky Magic

  1. Diane,

    About the artist part…I dabble, I am thankful to have the vision
    but most regretful that I’ve had little success with the brush. I
    am so appreciative of your talents in that area (as well as in your
    poetry and prose). I often browse in your site just for the joy of
    your art in all the genres.

    My thanks for your kind regards for my poems.


  2. Sarah,

    Gorgeous poem, I love the beautiful images you draw with your pen. Your writing is so superb , you are such a talented poet , my friend. Your site is a real treat for every poetry lover. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

    as ever,

    1. Francina,

      You do wonders for my mood…not just your kind regard for my work (which truly makes my day) but with your own work…the photography, the poetry, the wonderful snippets of prose that take your readers to the most magical places, your concern for humanity and this planet. It is all part of the unique being that is you. I’m so glad that our paths met in this world we share.



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