Sleeping In

Prelude to winter,
this gray summer morning.

Forget about autumn;
it’s just a lovely distraction.

Pot holes are spilling last night’s rain;
mud holes make rainbows
with no pots of gold

except , of course,  the promise of spring.
There is much ado in making the change

but the result is the same.
There is a time of bloom  and a time of waiting
and there are mornings like this one,

rainwashed and gray,  when even the sun
sleeps in.

JD DeHart Featured at Wordflair Community of Poets and Writers

JD DeHart is a poet, writer and teacher from Tennessee.  His work has been published in Eye On Life Magazine, Eunoia Review, and The Commonline Journal, among others.  He has also been featured in Garden Gnome Publications’ first two Biblical Legends Anthologies, and his work has appeared in Bewildering Stories, Illumen, and Aphelion. 
DeHart’s first chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is coming this fall.
You will find his work on Wordflair at JD De Hart
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