Time and Bottles ~ Remembering Jim Croce

You put your time in a bottle,
see through, your own fish bowl,
the don’ts the deeds,
the anxieties.

It is less than a landscape
but more
than a still life,

An artist
with a fine brush,
you build your days
with balance.

A bit of sun, a bit of rain,
Some would say a bit strong
on melancholy.

They say, “Water it down”
I say, “Let it shine”
That full moon
once in a blue

when stars fall
like sleet,
sparking your eyes with dreams.

8 thoughts on “Time and Bottles ~ Remembering Jim Croce

  1. Oh, Sarah, I loved Jim Croce back in the days … his death such a loss to poetry and balladeer-ing … and his “Time in a Bottle” so fortuitous. This poem is a lovely tribute to him through the shine of your poetry with melancholy and other essences of life in balance. Blessings. XO ❤

    1. Dear Di,

      It is always a good day when I read your work or see a reply from you.
      Jim Croce was a favorite of mine too! Your kind words warm this
      winter day.

      Many thanks!

  2. Jane Thorne

    This post struck a chord in me Sarah, thank you. I know have Jim Croce playing on my internet player as I work thanks to you. I hope your waters are caming lovely and I am sending a loving breeze for you. Huge hugs with much ❤ Xxx

    1. Dearest Jane,

      Thank you for both of your comments. First let me confess, no one makes more typos than me. I just blame it on a cantankerous keyboard.

      As for your lovely comment, the typos did not deter their impact. You always find a way to calm the waters and warm that gentle breeze.

      Thank you!

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