My Shadow

Fibers of my darker side,
I drag the bag behind me,
Born empty but it wasn’t long
before someone started to fill it.

Parents first, for all their love,
began with sorrow, then the guilt.
It is not just at twilight
that shadows grow long.

Oh dark, accusatory duffle,
Deep satchel of indiscretions;
all the things I should have done
but didn’t, or did but shouldn’t,

I embrace you.
You are the obstacles
that I have overcome;  You could not exist
if there were no light.

6 thoughts on “My Shadow

  1. Very beautifully poignant and resilient, Sarah. The light and the dark, the empty and the full, the weak and the strong … all interrelated. Thank you for the lyricism of your poetic music. Blessings and hugs. Diane XO ❤

  2. Jane Thorne

    Dearest Sarah, it is the cracks of our mis-steps that let the light in. Your loving heart is on a journey and your words touch us all. ❤ to you with hugs. xxx

  3. Dear Jane,

    You have lifted me above the mundane on many a gray day.
    Thank you for all you give with your own writing and with your
    comments that buoy!


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