Remembering the Daffodils

Lapis sky or gray,
the gold is laced with frost.
Daffodils burst forth unaware
of winter’s planned return.

Brief the flowers’ bloom
and for that more precious yet.
No need to grieve 
                    these days of chill.

Mother Nature
cannot help but blossom;
it is her way.
The gold will return,

a fleeting thing.
It’s the flowering that is remembered.
What has bloomed
                                     will bloom again.


14 thoughts on “Remembering the Daffodils

  1. F. G. M.

    Dans nos mémoires
    floraisons éternelles
    ce qui a fleuri refleurira

    lines inspired by your wonderful and very touching poem. I love the last line, ce qui a fleuri refleurira – it sounds so nice in French too, like a promise. Beautiful ! Thank you 🙂

  2. Sarah,

    I stumbled on this poem from you today. Such a gorgeous poem.
    And what a reminder that now the season is turning to autumn , spring will be back again.

    As ever,

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