13 thoughts on “Tasting a Poem

      1. It’s in my first book published in 2014 🙂

        Tasting Poems

        Come to them hungry
        after a day without sustenance
        when you’re alone and empty.

        Roll them around on your tongue,
        like the first drops
        of a Spring rain.

        Take a tentative first taste,
        all poems
        have their own flavors.

        Savor them,
        until the emptiness fills
        and your hunger is sated.

        Copyright © Roxi St. Clair (That copyright claim is false.smzang)

        1. That is truly amazing…

          Here is when I posted it in 2012…(that is a legal copyright with time and date stamped,)


          So I guess we will have to say your poem is very similar to mine…
          too close for comfort, I think. Word for word as a matter of fact.
          Have you any idea how that might have happened?

          I don’t have much in this world…but my poetry is my own. I can not let this go.

          I am going to pursue it first with WordPress and from there we must find a way to handle the legalities of this matter.

          Here is a link to what I have posted:


        2. Wow…. I wrote mine in 2011 and published it in my first book in 2012 (first edition) and then again in 2014 in a second revision) along with another book. Strange, I used to also belong to a yuku writing group called Tir na nOg – Land of the Everliving — small small world indeed! 🙂 Don’t let anything go. I feel the same about my poetry as well and I stand behind it 100%. I wrote most of my first book of poetry before I ever discovered blogging or poetry forums. Accusations of plagiarism is uncalled for mostly because it is untrue. I initially wrote to you today because I think you are a fine writer. It is unimaginable and unfortunate that it turned out like this. Do what you will and warmest blessings to you.

        3. could you please share a link or other proof that what you say is true. My first copyright was in 2009 as posted and available for all to see. http://thepeacefulpub.yuku.com/topic/22659/Tasting-a-Poem

          Do you seriously think anybody, most especially a judge, will believe you wrote word for word the same poem 2 years after my first copyright on it? It doesn’t seem likely to me and pandering now to what you presume to be my ego does not cover the situation. There is still the issue of your printing the poem in your name. There is still the issue of plagiarism. Please know that I post a poem on my website in a private forum to acquire a copyright before it ever is put before the public. This is not going to go away. It is going to be resolved.

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  2. Note…I had put this incident out of my mind but the link to it has cropped up under the post I made today.

    For that I reason, I will add a comment here. The Peaceful Pub changed from Yuku to WordPress in 2017 and the links shown above are now broken.

    However, I have copies of all the original posts. Here is a copy of the first posting of the poem:

    smzang Tasting a Poem Lead [-]
    Posts: 117253

    Member Since:09/04/04

    05/30/09 09:59 AM


    Come to the poem hungry
    after a day without food
    when you’re lonely and empty

    Feel the breeze ripple your hair
    Come to the poem when its raining
    mingle your tears with the mist

    Listen with your heart
    Taste the poem tentatively
    Savor it until hunger subsides

    To clarify any possibility of this happening again, let me assure you that nothing is posted on this blog that I do not previously hold the copyright to.

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