Rapt in a Summer Day

The stillness
a pause,

A moment separate
and yet not

No sound encroaches
The rhythm of silence
unites the universe.

Then a low growl,
a  rumble,
a downpour, a deluge,

A storm,
a struggle,
a whisper of sun,

Thoughts tumble
then settle, Time
moves ever on

Each second
claims its own karma
Each hour is unique.

Live, laugh, love
No moment can be redone.

Muse ~ Arrival and Departure

O loyal Muse
you wake my senses,
set my moribund mind
to dreaming,
load my pen
with magic ink,

A smoldering consciousness
ignited by some vagrant ember
oblivious to the planets
or the possibility of gravity
whirls the weighted psyche
to great heights

beyond the tree line, beyond
the purple mountains’ majesty,
past all probability of reckoning
with reality —
that onerous consequence
of the dreary.

And just when I think
that long sought masterpiece
is within my reach,
you turn away
without a backward glance
and leave me stranded.

Sired by serf
or royalty,
it little matters,
so grave the malady
of the uninspired
who live without dreams.

Fickle Muse
with conscience lacking
you leave me bereft
and dreamless,  I should shun
your sure return,
but no doubt, I won’t.




A Series of Near Misses

The razor edge
of brutal honesty
takes its pound of flesh

You wince
when it hits too close
and I

feel the sting of martyrdom
when your aim
finds home

as if ruthless truth
is not enough

there are the lies
the flung arrows
venomous as any bite

but these
are just the odd moments
of discontent

We retreat
then reunite
a truce

born of more
than pinkie swear
this better and worse.