Check it out…


The newly remodeled Poetry and Art blog has featured my poem
“The Turning of the Hands”. Francina, keeper of the key there,
is a world traveled photographer, poet, and artist. She features
a guest poet or artist a couple of times a month. There is also
a grand collection of her own work to be seen on those pages.

Many thanks, Francina, for featuring my poem and for all the talent,
energy and love you commit to the arts.

Calculating the Cost

In nightmares it’s everywhere,
that slick sheen coating
covering,  smothering flora and fauna.

The CEO counts the gallons
and moans. Lost profits
are his disaster.

Plastic collapses
under added scents. Consumers
claim it’s all political.

A mother and her ducklings
foot the bill.  Lobsters shell their souls
upon the beach.  Fish turn to stench.

Mother Earth heaves a mighty sigh;
the cost of oil, all angles and slants
and corners we can’t see around.