Defining Ars Poetica

Though your voice is paper
and your scent is leather,
to call you silence is paradox.

You have touched the globes of grapes
and tasted wine, and even that,
a silent act, has sound.

You are more than cliché, more
than stone, more than slow erosion;
you are the moon, motionless
in constant motion.

You are palpable and parallel,
you are pulchritude and wisdom;
monarch of this kingdom,
you are a poem.


I was playing with words in this poem.
It is the shading of meaning that I’m going for
as opposed to the most common connotation.


Stanza 1. paper and leather refer to a book.

Stanza 4. palpable: so intense as to seem tangible
parallel: in this case is a likeness, a mirror

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