Just Out of Reach of Heaven

When you think that you’ve lost everything
You can always lose a little more,
We’re pinned against a leaning fence
Looking for the gate to heaven’s door.

We’re in the sky but burning
and our feet are getting sore,
I see your sad eyes yearning
through the raging of the flame,
I hear a melancholy voice
Saying, “I used to know your name”

I can see you’re tired of talking,
Tired of trying to explain. I know
That I can’t reach you through the fog
of too much pain.

So I’m lost here in the lonely night,
The darkness holds my hand.
Fading stars are oozing blood,
I guess I’ll never understand.

I’m sinking in a whirlpool
Of too many wistful sighs,
I’m not sure if that’s mist
Or teardrops in your eyes.

Why does everything magnificent
Tote a suitcase full of pain?
If we repaired the roof
Would water still get in?
How come when there’s a parade
It always has to rain?

The sun would offer golden light,
The Son has healed the sin,
But we’re stuck here in a sleepless night
Just out of reach of heaven.

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