Sidestepping Paradise

1- The Cell Phone

the phone quit
something about analog outdated
sim card needed

a meeting convened
all i wanted was to order fried chicken
the secret recipe, but the phone was dead
They debated

at last the sky opened, rain fell gentle
on the place beneath, I wouldn’t have to buy
one, they’re making a donation.

I’m a skeptic, but I waited  They over-nighted.
forget the chicken it’s morning
sailor take warning…

In a rush it went the wrong direction
i dream of omelets and bacon
it left the station four hours away
and went south to Tennessee

forget the bacon,
I’ll settle for cereal, the phone
is on its way,  it will get here today
maybe …

twelve hours from now
or so, it will arrive, stores
will be closed, even the Greasy Spoon
must sometimes rest

dozing off I dream
a nightmare I think…it arrives
in the dead of night,

I’m sleeping
dreaming of omelets and bacon
and the sacrifice the pig is making
compared to the chicken.

The door bell rings
but not where I am, the phone,
it must be the phone, but
I’m sleeping


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