I didn’t ask for this,
It came to me in the cradle I think,
this need to write a river.

I was summoned to free you
from your office with no window,
to tug you from the hands of despair,

to open your eyes and clear your septum,
that sights and scents might rise to your brain,
so that you can really know magnolias

and understand that dreams
do overcome concrete and all
the mundane walls of prisons without bars.

On nights that last too long,
reach inside your pockets;
you’ll find myriads of stars.

In their light you will remember
His promises come true;
sunshine follows rain

and in such joy
all the worldly wounds
will mend.



4 thoughts on “Aspiration

  1. Ptc

    Sarah, I sit at my table beginning “Dream Song” because of you; and, taking a mail check moment on Kindle Fire, I find this poem. I want to read it to the displaced in the stadiums and the convention centers and watch as the voices hush to listen and believe. Have you recorded it? I want to hear it in my head as it follows me to my places with tasks to finish. I don’t love many “things. ” I LOVE this poem. Thank you for the gift of reading it today.

  2. Ptc

    BTW, do you know the poem “Keep a Poem in Your Pocket?” I used to ask students to find a poem they cared enough about to keep it in a pocket and read it to friends or family members. A copy of this one will be in my pocket for awhile. Thank you again.

  3. Ptc,

    You will never know how much your reply means to me.
    I won’t even try to tell you. I will just say thank you and trust
    the vibes to travel to you. Thank you!!

    As for Poem in Your Pocket. What a coincidence. In 2015 we had a book signing for
    Time’s Essence. It was held at the Steubenville, OH country club, and the theme for it
    was “A Poem for Your Pocket”. I went to the local elementary schools and had second grade students write poems, then made the cover of the program booklet in the shape of a pocket and tucked a different poem into the ‘pocket’slot. Poetry experienced an immediate resurgence in this area.

    I do not know of the specific poem you mention. I hope you will share it.

    Re recording…I do have some poems recorded on Sound Cloud and they were also on the old Pub, but for some reason I am not able to record on Sound Cloud now. I have no idea what has changed. I will make note though and when I can get with someone
    who can help me figure out how to record again, I will make sure this is the first poem I do, and will post the link here.

    Many thanks to you!

  4. Ptc,

    I just know you will love Dream Song. It truly is a history of US poetry of that era.

    Paul Mariana also wrote a bio of Hart Crane. As soon as I finish Pound’s bio,
    I’m starting on Hart Crane’s.

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