A Clear Day

This day is serenely sunny —
It’s more than illusion;
everything is radiant.
The light
fills all my empty spaces.

Who knew such buoyancy
was possible
with feet still on the ground?
Eye to eye with the tops of pines,
there is so much to share
about soaring.

Everything exists
on the edge of a breath.
Both delicate and durable, all time
is a tapestry; October’s scene
is woven with gold.

8 thoughts on “A Clear Day

  1. Mitch,

    Thank you. This poem has parentage from a comment I read in a thread on Power of Story. The remark suggested that reading The Chronicles of Narnia was a spiritual experience. I decided it was high time I read it. I found the 1983 printing of the complete boxed set on Amazon, read The Magician’s Nephew in one sitting. I think it was a combination of autumn and Narnia that gave birth to this poem.

    Thank you again!


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