Kudos to the Weirton City Manager

I’m not sure about the protocol here, but today I’m using this space to lift up the name of
the Weirton City Manager, Mr. Travis Blosser.  It has come to my attention that Mr. Blosser is doing wonders for this city. The area where I live has been profoundly affected by his good work.

It is clear that he loves this city and he loves his vocation.  I just wanted to let him know that his efforts are appreciated.

Thank you, Mr. Blosser!

Until I pen a poem more specific to the purpose, I will dedicate this poem, (originally written for West Virginia Day and adapted for this occasion) to Weirton and to Mr. Blosser and his staff:

Transplanted here with roots that have taken hold,
it wasn’t the apple that tempted me
nor fear of the asp that kept me from it earlier.

It seems like destiny that I should be a West Virginian
at home in the splendid city of Weirton,
attuned to the harmony of early bird song
and a rising sun
that is sometimes slow to climb over the mountains.

Proud the history and strong the spirit
that forged pathways around and through obstacles
that would have stopped a lesser kind.

I celebrate those native West Virginians
who endured the back break and the heartache
it took to stake a claim to their spot of land
and their way of life.

There is limited space
but they open their arms to all
who understand it is almost heaven here,
especially now when the air is crisp

and the roads are clear.


West Virginia is not a subsidiary of Virginia,
and Weirton is a city proud and strong, not
a satellite of Pittsburgh.

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