Snow Bound

Sunday services at home today:
It is not the cold, a balmy minus one,
not even the wind; all is still.
It’s the snow that blocks my door
and hides my car.

Sure, I have a shovel, and it’s doable,
but God in His wisdom sent the Cardinal
himself to lead us in song. First at the feeder
this morning, brilliant
in scarlet,

A beacon on the snow, he sings a reassurance
to those with the heart to hear that all is well.
Soon a choir in various robes: Sparrows and Wrens,
an unusually reticent Jay,
all join in.

I leave the shovel in the shed,
the snow untrodden.
God’s in his heaven, and I’m in my kitchen
watching through the window
with gratitude.

6 thoughts on “Snow Bound

  1. jantanleo

    Dear Sarah,
    This is a poem of impact, writing which lingers with the reader. I’ve left the poem, & it replays in my mind. It’s a blessing to read you this Sunday AM. It’s cold in our area, but there’s no snow. Cardinals & other fine-feathered friends are stirring around out there getting along fine with January. Thank you for this. For the blog, too? Yes? Certainly. Bless another space.

  2. Drinking hot coffee and eating sticky buns I hope. 🙂 What a wonder-filled reflection and appreciation of God’s beauty all around you (which is what our sermon was on).


    1. Deb,

      I always feel a little lost when I miss my weekly strengthening, but looking out the window at that peaceful scene just filled me
      with such a sense of His presence.
      Thanks so much for taking time to connect.
      Many blessings,

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