Bringing Wisteria to Bloom

More exercise than exorcism,
this poem
was written in pieces…
like wisteria coming into bloom,

First, the cold ground,
then the sun;
a green shoot climbs toward the light.

Barely a spike,
it takes more than coincidence
to tender a blossom.

Even then, there’s the aphids
and mites.
I no longer trust my vision,
but I trust my dream.

2 thoughts on “Bringing Wisteria to Bloom

  1. What a delight to settle in on the couch after a long week of work with a glass of wine, (and my dog) and catch up on Sarah’s poems while a pork tenderloin with cumin and garlic roasts in the oven. Ahhh…Thanks for taking me on journeys beyond my living room. ❤️ Ahh…good to catch up! Love, Deb

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