2 thoughts on “The Wolf Credo by Del Goetz © 1988

  1. This one is going on my office door!

    Sarah, I read one of your poems this morning that mentioned snowflakes on the face of a rock. I can’t find it now. I want to reread it. Which one is it?


  2. Hi Deb,

    I posted this one because I saw it posted by a blogger who claimed credit for it.
    I love it. It is biblical in wisdom and goodness. I thought posting it here with
    the true author’s name and copyright date might help set the truth free.

    As for the poem of mine you mention, I think it might be An Ardent Accord,
    posted on Feb. 7th. “Changing the face of stone” is a concept I have used
    in a lot of my poems, but ‘an ardent accord’ is the most recent.

    Many thanks for the visit and the hello…


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