6 thoughts on “A Warm Day in February

    1. Deb,

      That is awesome! Your words make a splendid day perfect. Is your sister doing well? She is in my prayers.

      I must tell you about today. It began to snow last evening and into the night. By 3 a.m, schools were on a 1 hour delay; by 6 a.m., they were closed for the day. By noon, it was 50 degrees. The snow still dots the lawns and lays in thick patches in shaded areas but the sun is shining like it thinks its July. I’m thinking flute notes, and now you tell me your sister plays the flute. It is indeed a beautiful, connected world.

      Have a beautiful day.


      1. Oh my. It is indeed. You have certainly left me with a beautiful image.

        My sister is battling through the pain and nausea. So hard to watch but I felt like Jesus brought my mom, dad and brother to us in the night.

        This is holy ground…

        Thanks Sarah,


        1. Deb,

          They are always there and when you need them most they make themselves known. One of the many miracles that surround us every day. Sending warm hugs and offering up prayers for your sister and you.


  1. Deb,

    That’s what friends are for (sounds like a song…maybe a Dionne Warwick one).
    btw, please forgive all the typos in my previous message…I fixed them. : )


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