On the Wings of a Setting Sun

Atop the hill day makes its goodnight cry
in flame-red hues of myth and mystery,
Divine creation with a  breathy  sigh
burnishes earth in golden artistry.

Would I were that speck in majestic flight,
the wing’ed sparrow soaring high above
unfettered by melancholy twilight
nor taunted by the specters born thereof.

To feel the rush of wind beneath such wings,
to coast on currents warm with fading sun,
What makes the faith that lets the caged bird sing?
What wisdom lets a finished day be done?

Last vestiges of sun slip from my gaze
as melancholy turns to words of praise.

Attn: All Readers (even tweens and teens, teachers, librarians, and anyone who enjoys the intricacies of a good mystery.) Beware Miser Snoot!


Miser Snoot and The Bibliomaniacs” by Charlie O’ Shields is a must read for book lovers from 10 to 110. On the surface it is a fast paced detective story geared to tweens and teens . Delve deeper and all ages, all readers, will find the story to be a wake up call regarding the preservation of the printed word. The book is fun, challenging and informative. It was published in 2002 but could well have been written today to serve as a proud banner for those who would preserve in print books and access to information. The action begins with a trip to “Information Aisland’, a journey no reader should miss.

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Thank you WordPress for your disrespect

This is a family rated blog.  I came to it tonight to find on the front page (and every page) an ad with a half naked woman sitting by a pool and an ad for bitcoin. Are those ads really appropriate?  Is this the best you can do?  Shame on you!

This is not a new blog; ads have not previously appeared on the front page . Is there new management?  Are times getting tough?  I understand that the new view of Net Neutrality*** is going to cost all small site owners, but smearing the blog with grade B ads is certainly no way to improve traffic, unless of course you are trying to appeal to people who can’t read.  What happened to ‘tasteful, non-obtrusive ads that relate to site content’?

I understand that even ‘free space’ must generate income, but what happened to pride in the product? I was proud to put ” a WordPress website” on my business cards.  There is no room on that card for an apology for  crappy ads. There shouldn’t need to be.

I tried to read my own poem and was so distracted by the flashing ads (oh I forgot to mention the animated junk jewelry that flashes so large it is impossible to read the blog content) that I gave up.  Are you trying to destroy your own business or just my blog?

And, now that I have your attention…I’m curious as to why there is no visible log in line on the blog? That certainly seems like a detriment to developing a site.

I guess it really is true:  You get what you pay for, even on ‘free’ blogs.

***For those who are unfamiliar with Net Neutrality, it’s about keeping the Internet free and open as a platform for creativity, innovation, and free exchange of ideas. It’s about defending free speech in the digital age.  It has recently been revoked, an action
that will lead to the small site owner  being pushed aside (among a myriad of other muzzles on the small guy’s voice).  We need to impress upon our Senators and Congressmen the importance of restoring Net Neutrality.

Just me and God in a Frozen Field

Not long ago
this frozen stubble
held leftovers
from a bountiful harvest.

It held a raucous flock
filling up, gearing up
for the great migration.  Suited
with layers of feathers and fat

and strong wings
that lifted them aloft,
they left
for some magical land

that is a stranger
to winter.
it is almost spring:

Time for the creeks to be thawing;
time for the air to be warming.
Oh glorious time,
the flock will soon be returning.