Spring Dance

In a spin with Spring,
the steps would begin
with March,

windy, blustery, biting,
but it wouldn’t be long
before we’d bump into a bird song,

the first of the season,
a robin, I think,
or maybe a wax wing,

the notes echoing
over half-melted snow
when suddenly we notice the sun,

and a crocus stretching
to see what’s going on,
just bursting to bloom,

the scent
of an innovative lilac
precociously early

no doubt tired
of being shut out
by daffodils.

In no more than a hop,
skip and jump,
the season surrounds us.

When did the snow go?
I don’t know
but I notice

the grass is now green,
a jeté
that remembers no cold.

2 thoughts on “Spring Dance

  1. Hiya Charlie,

    Snow was predicted here but we got a bit of mist, and a warming trend.
    I’ll take it! Wishing you sunshine, and lots of it!

    Your visit and comment is appreciated!!

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