Considering Collateral Damage

We can never take it back,
that chaotic day
of silenced song, that day
they saw their friends forever gone.

That moment when it didn’t matter
that homework wasn’t done
or that they spent their evening
volunteering at the shelter

or taunting
the neighbor’s son, the one
who moved slower than the others.
They all became

as one,
small rabbits in short grass
when days in the sun
ceded to a darker season.


2 thoughts on “Considering Collateral Damage

  1. Hi Jane,

    This poem relates to the school shootings that have been occurring. It really is not about
    any specific one. I was thinking about the damage fear does, how it steals childhood, and how it will change the lives of the survivors. So, your take was entirely right. No surprise there. Empathy is part of your nature.

    Many thanks to you,

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