Just Ducky!



Top of the morning to you, human,
Our paths have crossed before,
It was autumn then
and now it is Spring,
Who could ask for more?

As you can see
Fate has favored me
I’m sure you will agree,
both Sirs and Ma’ams.
I am a regal duck I am.

I always pose
with my best face forward,
My bill is precisely
the right shade of orange
and perfectly matched

in both mettle and tone
to my spectacular feet,
which are entirely my own.
My feathers are fine
and neatly groomed,

My demeanor is proper
my vision is keen,
Who cares if one toe
points to where I have been?
I am a regal duck, I am.


9 thoughts on “Just Ducky!

    1. Hi Jane,

      I had not heard of Indian Runner ducks, but of course I googled.
      They are so long and lean when standing. They remind me of
      skinny deacons congregated. thanks for leading me to them.
      A joyful discovery on this morning of sun and birdsong.

      Thank you!


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