Caught up in a Clear Day

Inspired by “One age ago — in the rain” from Eli by Lawrence Cottrell ©1993

Weeds pulled
(there were only three;
it’s a small garden,)
I unfold my chair
under an oak tree,
sit for a minute
listening to birdsong.

There is a gentling
and a drifting in the wind
today, a whispering
that remembers rain,
and thunder…
Those shuttering times
when the sky was gray.

That was another lifetime,
another me. Today a new sky,
innocent of gray. Tomorrow
there may be a shower,
but today the sky is blue
and thunder
seems so far away.



May Rising to Meet June

On the cusp of June,
this day is more than illusion;
everything is blooming.
The light
fills all my empty spaces.

I didn’t know it was possible
to soar with feet on the ground,
eye to eye with the tops of oaks.
There is so much to tell you
about what it’s like up here.

Everything exists on the edge
of a breath.
Both delicate and durable,
time is a tapestry; Late Spring sun
weaves the world with gold.