Life’s Bouquet

I gather blooms
from yesterday’s spent dreams,
trim the thorns, prune
the flowerless stems,

balance them
with bruises and with fruit,
the joys and tears
of lessons learned.

Some came easy,
some with tuition steep,
all housed within this heart
once made of glass

and mended  with just a trace
of cracks. The bud and bloom that grew
from sun and rain, the too long nights,
the too short days,

mingled with remembered moments passed,
treasures gathered along the way,
all flowers now
abloom in life’s bouquet.



5 thoughts on “Life’s Bouquet

  1. bongler

    No matter what, those precious memories linger. Joy or pain is immaterial, they are transient emotions only; we do mend, albeit perhaps never entirely, but those we loved with the fierceness of the sun remain with us forever.


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