Dancing in the Rain

“You can’t really color coordinate bright yellow shoes, so you just have to add them in with confidence whenever the mood strikes you.” Charlie O’Shields, founder of doodlewash.com

When I get old
I will wear purple,
tint my hair blue
and maybe get a pince nez
to add an air of aristocracy.

I will spend my pension
on theatre tickets, opera glasses
and evening gloves;
I will have someone trim the crust
from my bread,

the same someone
who will lay his overcoat
over the street where I walk
so my satin slippers
will never touch the ground

when I get old.
But for now, I will wear turquoise
toreadors with bright yellow sandals.
I will paint my toenails

and I will dance in the rain.




5 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain

    1. Charlie,

      When I first read your comment about yellow shoes I had a giant unmellow-yellow-burst in my brain, and this poem was there faster than I could write it down. Some of it came so fast it was gone before it got through my pen, but I saved as much as my feeble mind could hold…
      I am extremely happy that you will not sue. : )

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