Gasoline Greed Meets its End

While traveling on the interstate the other day I came upon a sign with the following

Underground boring under the highway next 3 miles.  I immediately understood that
it referred to fracking for oil, but my first thought…that is not safe.  Then I thought…It would have to be…or  they wouldn’t do it.

I held that thought for a moment, at least until I got out of the ‘weird’ zone.  Then I began
to remember all the insane things that we are accepting as ‘safe’.

…and this poem came into my head: (audio version followed by printed lyrics…picture is my cat Bella, hiding her face in embarrassment…apparently she has a different opinion…that’s ok…it’s allowed.)


You know, there’s been a time
when I thought fracking
was a crime

Just today, I came to understand
it might be a part
of God’s great plan

Returning from a day away
I saw some signs
with this to say

“Be aware…underground boring
next three miles”
I started snoring

thinking of the shades of brown
that hunkered there

Perhaps the burrowing things
that share that spot
have taken wing

and nothing’s left there underground
except fracking bits
hanging ’round

Once relegated vertical
now they’re boring

So one day, I have no doubt
they’ll cave in
that interstate

and all the cars will tumble down
to that boring spot

Then, Earth’s ultimate revenge
Gasoline greed
will meet its end.



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