Whose fault is it?
We’ve been cheated
by the seasons,

Felt the splash
beneath our feet when it rained
on our parade,

Mourned the early bloom
when a killing frost

We’ve been swindled
and duped, kept out,
cooped up,

But we’ve always
regrouped. So who
would have guessed

that precious ball of fur
would turn into such a beast?
They told us he’d stay small.

estrela mountain dog

Also known as the Cao da Serra de Estrela, the Estrela Mountain Dog is a large breed native to the Estrela Mountains in Portugal. This breed has been used to guard homesteads and herds for centuries and, because of its size, it is a formidable opponent to even large predators. (I’m happy to say the poem was inspired by the pictures and not personal




2 thoughts on “Inveigled

  1. Jane,

    I found the pictures, as a pup and as an adult, side by side.
    All I could think of was ‘dirty trick’. What a hulk of a dog.
    You are right though, he does have wisdom in his face.
    I wonder what his thoughts are…

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