The Mood of Mist

The world is wearing mist today,
my eye an impressionistic lens,
my ear attuned.

A watercolor shimmer
of sight and sound
keeps the seasons out of reach,

an abstract masterpiece
this misty twilight with muted sounds
of wood and brook

and there a firefly’s
flickering lantern glow,
perhaps in hopes of rendezvous

or maybe humanitarian,
its goal to light the way
of winding paths.

Surrounded by summer
we remember spring,
a hesitation,

an anticipation..




6 thoughts on “The Mood of Mist

  1. dee827

    Sarah, “a hesitation an anticipation” love it. Just read an article
    about a Firefly festival in Kettleville Pa. Happens in June each year.
    You have to google it and then write another marvelous poem about it.
    I was enchanted by it. Only 100 miles from PIttsburgh

  2. Many thanks, Dee,

    Something to think about for next year. I checked the listing for the date,
    didn’t get to the article, but will when I get back. On my way for labs.
    I was wondering what I was going to write about this evening…I think
    you’ve found the topic. Thanks again.

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